Idalia Llorens Santini, ILCA'S founder and president, has been in the collection business since 1980. Twenty nine years dedicated to the business has earned Ms. Llorens Santini an expertise on preventive collection (collecting without having to file a legal suit), knowing the debtor and knowing when and how to pursue collection. Ms. Llorens has aided her clients to design more effective credit applications, require personal guarantees and learn how to scrutinize a financial statement. ldalia Llorens helped her brother, attorney Ramóm “Cuco” Llorens, establish CICA Collection Agency and later founded her own business. Idalia worked out of her home until verboseness volume caused her to move her operation into Cobian's Plaza office space in Santurce. This expanded space allowed her to hire personnel.

        ILCA, acronym for Idalia Llorens Collection Agency Inc., was founded in 1986 and has provided collection services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean during the past 23 years. ILCA has also provided consulting services to many commercial credit and collection departments and has aided in increased recoveries and performance goals. ILCA has vast experience in the collection of account receivables and recovery of returned checks and was the pioneer who first implemented the legally accepted practice of charging a penalty on returned checks. ILCA also protected businesses by placing warning stickers that proved to serve as a deterrent against bad check writers. You may recall seeing the familiar sticker.

        The collection business has evolved and so have ILCA'S collection practices and techniques. Although ILCA begins the collection process with traditional collection agency methods its services now include complete legal collection services when warranted. The legal services offered range from filing of the Complaint for collection of monies to execution of judgment, enforcement of judgment liens on real and personal property, wage garnishment and attachments, proceedings against guarantors, and bankruptcy proceedings. Access to services such as Pacer and Informative Bulletin helps ILCA monitor filings and warn clients about high risk credit applicants.

        At ILCA we understand that excellence in collection performance relies on a strong understanding of our client's business; thus, we create customized collection programs to fit your needs and recover your accounts receivable.
ILCA is a high quality alternative and support to in-house resources for collection of account receivables. ILCA sees each contract as an agreement not between a business and its customers but between partners that wish to create a close and mutually beneficial long term relationship.